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Dear Reader:

Welcome to my world! In all my travels and over 10 years of work experience, this one simple truth has remained constant:

Everyone has something to offer.

It can be time, a skill, a product, or a work of art. But the real question is, how can you monetize it? And how do you find the right people and convince them to buy?

We live in an era where an abundance of choices is the norm. Where the ability to reach millions of people around the world is literally at your fingertips. It is just a matter of finding the narrow way through all the modern distractions to connect with the target audience.

Technology is constantly evolving but human psychology remains largely the same. A man buying spices on the silk road in the 13th century wants it for the same reason we do today: more flavour!

As a direct response copywriter, these are the principles I abide by:

  1. 1. Never promote a product that is useless
  2. 2. Always look for the priceless ingredient in a product: Integrity
  3. 3. Use stories to create compelling campaigns.
  4. 4. Run test campaigns to find the most popular appeal.

Below you will find an assortment of products, blogs, sales letters and affiliates. With the right knowledge and strategy, you can achieve anything.

Dedicated to seeing you prosper,
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